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Monday, June 3, 2013

Ah... Lake Bell! May Your Marriage Last Forever!

See this beautiful turbo babe? Her name is Lake Bell. She is an actress who has performed admirably in many movies. She is actually an excellent actress. And, she just got married.

I offer my heartfelt congratulations.

I recently re-watched her NBC Science Fiction drama "Surface" on my DVD season set. The show only lasted one season. Just as it was getting very good, as the one and only season was ending... NBC cancelled it. And I was distraught! If you have not watched the season one box set of "Surface" I say you are missing out on an excellent ocean based bit of Science Fiction.

Why did NBC cancel "Surface" after one season? I surmise it must have been a ratings thing. But I have a theory... the reason I loved "Surface" but wanted more of a certain thing that I did not get... that turned me off to a small degree to "Surface." And that was --

They dressed Lake Bell like a non-sexual tomboy throughout most of the series. Rarely did this woman, with this body of beauty, dress in ANYTHING remotely sexy! And she spent considerable time on, or in, the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina... a place where EVERY HOT CHICK IN N.C. goes to hang out at the beautiful beaches to show off their bikini bodies! I never understood why the show choose to basically keep Lake Bell fully clothed!

And I am just as frustrated when I watch the DVD box set. But, the show is still excellent. And I highly recommend it! It is too bad that the cliff hanger ending might never be resolved.