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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another Look At The Trauma Inducing "The Plague Dogs!"

Common Sense Media put out this very good list for parents to use as a guide for what the title implies. 
But, it failed to list ONE movie that needed to be on that list... and here is my take on the movie.

I just wanted to mention one mainstream animated movie that is truly the most disturbing movie, my opinion, in the history of animated movies. It is called The Plague Dogs... from the excellent book from the excellent writer, Richard Adams!

And if you can ever get your hands on the absurdly rare uncut version... well, be prepared for a movie that looks like a professionally made Disney movie filled with jaw dropping animal cruelty, intense chase sequences, a human being partially eaten and more frightening sadness than in a Pentecostal church on a Sunday night!

Here are a couple of the MANY, MANY ugly, ugly images from this unbelievable movie off the internet!

This movie was banned in America until a few years ago. The scene where the dog eats the human was literally cut from almost all know copies of the movie. Basically, until a little while ago, you could only find copies of this movie in, like, Australia!

And so... god help your kids if you show them this movie unsupervised.

Many people love The Plague Dogs. We saw it as children many, many decades ago... before it was run out of town. And all of us remember the trauma of the nightmares we suffered after viewing it...

Read the book before seeking out the movie so that you will be less traumatized... as an adult! And, I suggest, you keep this movie locked up with your porn stash to keep it away from young kids.

I am not killing this movie... I just want it respected as the adult film it is. If this was produced today... it would get an NC17 to make sure children were kept away from the horror.